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Posted: 12/5/2012

2012 Canadian Energy Summit Proceedings


Presentations made during the Summit are now available on our website.


The 2012 Energy Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia covered a breadth of key energy issues facing the country today. Presentations were given by key government, industry and stakeholder representatives who are active on many facets of this question. Participants included over 30 industry players, 16 energy associations, academics, foreign dignitaries and representatives from federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.


British Columbia’s Minister of Energy Rich Coleman provided the opening address where he stressed the importance of energy matters and outlined the opportunities that are available to his province. The closing session of the Summit featured Alberta’s Minister of Energy Ken Hughes who spoke to the importance of ensuring a balance between preserving the natural environment while supporting sustainable development of Canada’s energy resources. Summit speakers also included representatives from Haisla Nation, Pembina Pipelines, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Canadian Fuels Association, AREVA Canada, TransCanada Pipelines, Sunshine Oilsands, the United States Energy Association, Energy Policy Institute of Canada, and University of Calgary.  One of the highlights of the Summit was the Sectoral Energy Associations’ Roundtable where eight major industry associations were represented to offer their view on key elements that should comprise Canada’s National Energy Strategy. All sessions included open discussions with full participation of the audience.


In conjunction with the Summit, the Energy Council of Canada was pleased to announce its Energy Policy Research Project. Through partnerships with Canadian academic institutions, the resulting research will inform future editions of the Canadian Energy Summit.


Presentation by John Young: "Aboriginal Relations"


Presentation by John Zahary


Presentation by Paul Austin


Presentation by Peter Boag


Presentation by Sean McMaster: "Keystone XL - A Strategic Part of Canada's Energy Infrastructure"

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