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Membership in the Energy Council of Canada (ECC) is open to any Canadian organization engaged or concerned in any manner with energy, in Canada or overseas. The Energy Council of Canada provides exclusive access for its Members to the global reach and services of the World Energy Council (WEC).


Each Energy Council Member designates a voting representative and primary contact person. Member organizations may nominate additional persons as Individual Members of the Energy Council of Canada. Individuals who have been associated with a Member organization may apply for Individual Membership in their own right, even if no longer members of those organizations.


All representatives of Member organizations have full and equal opportunity to participate in the activities of the Council and to take advantage of the benefits. The voting representative (or alternate) is eligible to cast any vote on behalf of the Member, to serve on the Board of Directors, and to nominate prospective recipients of awards.



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We encourage all interested organizations to join the Council, and benefit from our programs and activities. Membership applications are reviewed by our Board of Directors, with approval typically within two months. You will find your organization is in excellent company!