Toronto Regional Event - Energy Infrastructure: Issues, Opportunities and Implications
March 7 and 8, 2016  |  Allstream Centre, Toronto

Energy infrastructure provides the essential connection between sources of energy supply and the end consumer of energy services.  Canada's energy infrastructure is aging, and in some cases, its configuration is not suited to new ways of supplying and delivering energy. New pipeline infrastructure is the key ingredient for accessing new markets. Anticipated extreme weather events and cyber threats threaten linear and stationary energy infrastructure. Post COP-21, environmental policy directions will result in new constraints and implications for the energy sector overall.  Perhaps the most worrisome and complex concern affecting energy infrastructure is finding ways to be able to move ahead with major energy projects through ensuring public understanding, open engagement, and ultimately, public acceptance. 
A recent report by the World Energy Council shines light on important energy infrastructure issues.  The Road to Resilience – managing and financing extreme weather risk was issued on October 4, 2015.  Chapters cover: Extreme weather - impacts on energy infrastructure; increasing the resilience of energy infrastructure; and, financing resilient energy infrastructures.  This report will serve as background reading for the event.

The program will provide a multi-faceted examination of the challenges, issues, and potential future directions affecting energy infrastructure in Canada. Presentations will be made on infrastructure issues and opportunities from municipal, provincial, national perspectives and global perspectives.
The event will open with a reception and keynote address on the evening of March 7 on infrastructure issues such as the staggering estimates of the financial investment requirement in the electricity sector and the need to build in resilience in anticipation of the impacts of climate change. 
Keynote and speakers in five sessions on March 8 will address:

  • Energy infrastructure issues, recent developments, and upcoming infrastructure decisions.  The essential, but often overlooked, role of energy infrastructure in ensuring competitiveness, access to markets;
  • Municipal Perspectives - Role of energy infrastructure in ensuring safe and reliable energy at reasonable energy costs, meeting the energy needs of remote communities;
  • Provincial Perspectives - Form and function of new energy infrastructure as a consequence of new energy technologies, energy storage, and real-time energy management, competitiveness, access to markets;
  • National Perspectives - Climate impacts on existing and new energy infrastructure, building in resiliency, Insurance, competitiveness, access to markets. Ingredients needed to finance energy projects;
  • Wrap-up of the highlights and ‘’take aways’’ from the presentation and dialogues during the day.

We look forward to seeing you at this Energy Council event.