Responding to Shifting Markets and Changing Policies
May 9 and 10, 2016  |    Hyatt Regency Hotel, Calgary

Western Canada’s energy sector is facing many challenges and opportunities at present and over the next five years.  The impact of low commodity prices is dramatic, reflected in widespread job losses, postponement of major projects, and trimmed budgets for the near future.   Major new policy directions have been announced, particularly in climate policy by the governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan and in Ottawa as the features of Canada’s national climate plan are developed further.  In parallel, aggressive plans to transform provincial energy systems are underway, including Saskatchewan’s announcement of the target of 50% of electricity production by 2030, Alberta’s plans to transform its electricity generation mix by eliminating coal-fired generation by 2030, and expectations for the first Canadian LNG project in British Columbia. 

Faced with such critical shifting markets and changing policies, what can the energy industry in western Canada do to build a strategy and an action plan for success over the next five years?  Answering this question boils down to: 

  • What’s ahead for the resource-based economies in western Canada in the face of shifting markets and changing policies and how can the energy sector thrive, deliver economic and social benefits, and grow stronger in changing times? 
  • How do we continue to exploit western Canada’s rich endowment of fossil and renewable resources and continue to grow a world-leading, resource based economy in sync with social, environmental and economic goals?
By attending this Energy Council event you will have heard answers to these questions from western Canada’s energy executives and thought leaders.  Four sessions delved into the conference theme in some detail:
  • Stage-setter on the “big picture” around shifting markets and changing energy in western Canada
  • Panel session on what de-carbonization might look like in an energy economy based on a combination of fossil and renewable resources
  • Panel session on how can we change the conversation around major energy projects addressing market access
  • Panel session on design and implementation of new climate policy, exploring lessons learned from consultations in advance of the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan with government, industry representatives, First Nations, and ENGOs.