Regional Solutions to Atlantic Canada’s Carbon Challenge

November 21 – 22, 2016, Prince George Hotel, Halifax

Many initiatives are moving ahead aggressively that are transforming energy systems in Atlantic Canada to address the region’s environmental issues and market opportunities.  Changes are underway to green the generation mix, to foster regional cooperation in managing energy markets, to implement new energy and environmental policy, and to exploit new technologies in green generation and energy storage.  Public acceptance of new energy projects by communities and First Nations has been achieved successfully.  Taken together, Atlantic Canada is a leading-edge example of implementing practical solutions to a region’s carbon challenge.

Several dimensions of the transformation will be examined during this event – provincial energy policy, examples of regional cooperation, launch of new technologies by entrepreneurs, and feedback from First Nations communities now engaged in clean energy.  The program will cover:

  • Deputy Ministers’ Energy Policy Panel: the latest developments energy policy from leaders across Atlantic Canada including initiatives within each jurisdiction and intergovernmental actions across the region;
  • First Nations Energy Leaders’ Panel: learn more about how First Nations communities are developing clean energy as an integral component of implementing their economic and social strategies, including updates on building partnerships, key ingredients for success, and “lessons learned” along the way:
  • Highlights of Regional Energy Projects, New Technologies: ​outlook on developments to enhance the electricity grid and to provide clean electricity to New England markets, updates on environmental initiatives in the offshore oil and gas sector, and promising new technologies; and, 
  • Utility CEOs’ Panel: insights from utility leaders across the region providing updates on strategic investments, and remaining challenges and opportunities at hand to address the carbon challenge.

Plan to join your colleagues from across the region representing industry, government, First Nations, ENGOs, and academia.  The event will start on November 21 with an opening reception and keynote address by Halifax Mayor Mike Savage.  On November 22, the program features keynote presentations by the Honourable Frank McKenna and Bruce Anderson, and four sessions, each followed by an open dialogue with all participants.  Our goal is to profile Atlantic Canada’s latest developments in policy, projects and community participation and to provide an open forum for discussion of the learnings from actions to date, on the remaining issues, and on possible ways to address them.

Registration information is available below and through Max Arsenault, Coordinator, Administration and Activities at 613 232 8239 and max.arsenault@energy.ca.

We look forward to your participation and your contributions to enriching the energy dialogue around regional solutions to Atlantic Canada’s carbon challenge.