About the Energy Council of Canada

The Energy Council of Canada brings together senior energy executives from industry and government engaged in national, continental, and global energy activities and issues to share in strategic thinking, dialogue, collaboration and actions around energy matters in Canada and abroad. 

Our members come from energy corporations, energy industry associations, Canadian federal and provincial government departments and agencies, academic organizations, professional services firms, as well as crown corporations.

The energy sector plays an important and far-reaching role within Canada’s society, environment and economy. The Energy Council of Canada strives to shape an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy sector for the benefit of all Canadians.  As a professional, knowledgeable and collaborative organization with broad membership at the executive level, it advances current energy issues through objective energy dialogue and direct engagement with the World Energy Council, the world’s leading energy association.

The Energy Council is a uniquely positioned in three important dimensions.   

  • The Energy Council covers all sectors involved in energy in Canada, including oil and gas, electricity, energy end-use in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors, and sectors, which make use of energy commodities as inputs to their industrial processes (e.g., the petro-chemical sector).
  • The Energy Council ensures that Canada’s interests are represented in the activities of the World Energy Council.  It coordinates participation in World Energy Council activities by Canadian leaders and experts.  It contributes Canadian content and insights to World Energy Council research and development of policy perspectives, and provides a link to the World Energy Council’s global expert knowledge, events, energy information, and global policy perspectives.  
  • As a consequence of its comprehensive coverage of energy forms, its multi-sector membership, and its inclusive combination of membership from the private and public sectors, the Energy Council is uniquely positioned as the lead organization for informed policy dialogue on broad energy issues.


An affordable, stable and environmentally-sound energy system providing for the greatest benefit for all Canadians.


The Energy Council of Canada acts to bring its Members and energy stakeholders together to forge a better understanding of Canada’s energy opportunities and issues with the aim to optimally shape an affordable, stable and environmentally-sound energy system for the benefit of all Canadians.

Guiding themes

The Energy Council of Canada and its members believe that the use of energy to produce goods and services and the production and delivery of energy for those purposes must be managed sustainably.

The Energy Council adopts a set of guiding themes for delivering on its vision and mission.  The first three are set out by the World Energy Council and adopted by its members across the globe.  The fourth relates to the long-term competitiveness of the Canadian energy sector in particular.

  • Energy security: management of energy supply, reliability of energy infrastructure, and meeting current and future demand.
  • Energy equity: accessibility and affordability of energy supply.
  • Environmental sustainability: supply and demand-side energy efficiencies, development of energy supply from renewable and low-carbon sources.
  • National competitiveness: innovative, robust, and flexible value chain for Canadian energy commodities and products destined for local, regional and global markets as key contributors to Canada’s prosperity.