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SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station and Carbon Capture Test Facility

SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station and Carbon Capture Test Facility


SaskPower commissioned the Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage project on October 2, 2014. This project transformed an aging power unit (unit #3) into a reliable, long-term producer of approximately 110 megawatts (MW) of baseload electricity. Unit #3 has been integrated with a post combustion carbon capture system that is designed to capture up to one million tonnes of CO2 per year.

The post combustion technology applied in the carbon capture facility  has allowed SaskPower to control a variety of emissions, including particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides and mercury.  The capture of the CO2 and SO2 are transformed into saleable by-products. The CO2 is compressed and transported via pipeline for use in enhanced oil recovery or sent direct to Aquistore, a deep saline formation for safe, permanent storage. Aquistore maintains a comprehensive measuring, monitoring and verification process managed by the Petroleum Technology Research Centre.

This project was a first of a kind that as of February 2017 has captured 1.42 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road. The tour on May 10th will provide participants the opportunity to tour Boundary Dam unit 3, the carbon capture test facility and Aquistore and speak with some of our experts who built and now operate the facilities. 

This is a tour that over 500 individuals from 30 countries have taken so we hope that you will join us to hear first hand how SaskPower has become a leader in carbon capture and storage and its potential global application .