2018 | Canadian Energy Person of the Year



The Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award was established by the Energy Council of Canada in 2001 to recognize and pay tribute to a Canadian energy leader who has made a significant impact at the national and international levels within the energy sector and nominations are based upon the nominee’s outstanding accomplishments in the business or public sectors and the community at large.

A foremost characteristic of the nominee is their strong sense of social responsibility and their commitment to give back to the community. Their focus upon environmental and social issues, and economic development should be evident. Their forward thinking and innovative spirit enable these leaders to promote the Canadian energy sector and Canada’s role in the world energy market.

The Nomination Process

Candidates may be nominated by any Member of the Energy Council of Canada, any of the Canadian sectoral energy Associations and their Members, or by others active in Canada’s energy industry.

We invite you to nominate a person for this year’s award using the attached form. The deadline for nominations is March 16, 2018 at 5 pm EDT.

Selection Process

The Canadian Energy Person of the Year Nominating Committee will consider the nominations that best meet the selection criteria and recommend a candidate to the Board of Directors of the Energy Council of Canada for approval.

The 2018 Nominating Committee will be chaired by John Muir, a past chair of the Energy Council of Canada, and include the presidents of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, the Canadian Electricity Association, the Canadian Gas Association, Electricity Human Resources Canada, and the Chair of the ECC Program Committee, the chair of the ECC Energy Policy Research Committee, as well as the Chair and President of the Energy Council of Canada.

Award and Celebration

The CEPY Award is made of Nova Scotian Crystal designed especially for the Energy Council of Canada. The award will be presented at the 2018 Canadian Energy Person of the Year Celebration event, planned for November/October 2018 in a Canadian City proximate to the recipient’s locale.

The Canadian Energy Person of the Year will be invited to address the award ceremony. As part of the award, the Energy Council of Canada makes a donation in the recipient’s name to a charitable organization selected by the recipient.


Thank you for your interest in the Energy Council’s program to recognize and celebrate energy leadership in Canada.

John Muir  |  Chair, Nominating Committee

Jacob Irving  |  President, Energy Council of Canada


Past CEPY Recipients

2017 – Al Monaco
2016 – Elyse Allan
2015 – Michael Cleland
2014 – Anthony Haines
2013 – Chris Huskilson
2013 – Ed Martin
2012 – Thierry Vandal
2011 – Rick George
2010 – Stephen G. Snyder
2009 – Charlie Fischer
2008 – Jacques Lamarre
2007 – Patrick D. Daniel
2006 – Roland Priddle
2005 – Duncan Hawthorne
2004 – Nellie Cournoyea
2003 – Eric Newell
2002 – Richard Drouin
2001 – James K. Gray