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The Energy Council of Canada is a vehicle for strategic thinking, collaboration and action by senior energy executives in the private and public sectors with an interest in national, continental and global energy issues.  The Energy Council’s mission is to forge a better understanding of energy issues in order to optimally shape the energy sector for the benefit of all Canadians.

The Energy Council holds public policy forums, various member activities, and hosts the annual Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award.

The Energy Council is a founding member of the World Energy Council (1923). We represent Canada and coordinate participation in WEC activities, contributing to development of global expert knowledge, energy information and policy perspectives.

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energy | CEPY 2014

2014 Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award
October/ November  |  Toronto

The Energy Council of Canada (ECC) is pleased to announce Anthony Haines, President and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Hydro Corporation, as the 2014 Canadian Energy Person of the Year.

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Energy | Breakfast Roundtables

Breakfast Roundtables

REGINA   |   May 13, 2014  
Hotel Saskatchewan 
Synergies in CO2 Supply and Use in Saskatchewan   

MONTRÉAL   |   May 15 mai, 2014
Transforming Quebec’s Transportation Sector using Electricity and Natural Gas: Opportunities, Implications, Issues  |  Convertir le secteur québécois des transports à l’électricité et au gaz naturel: occasions, conséquences et préoccupations

VANCOUVER   |   April 14, 2014
Hyatt Regency Vancouver   
Powering British Columbia’s Natural Gas Facilities with Green Electricity: Opportunities, Implications, Remaining

Energy | 2014 Energy Summit

2014 Energy Summit and WEC North America Region Energy Forum

CALGARY  |   June 24 – 26, 2014

Bringing together decision-makers, policy influencers and energy industry leaders, the 2014 Canadian Energy Summit addresses a broad range of issues that touch upon all sectors making up Canada’s energy industry. The 2014 Canadian Energy Summit will start the evening of June 24th and run through June 25th ending in a joint 2014 Canadian Energy Summit and WEC North America Region event the evening of June 25th. The WEC North America Region Forum program will run June 26th ending in a reception that evening. 

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Energy | World Energy Council (WEC)

The World Energy Council is the foremost multi-energy organization in the world today. Its mission is to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all. Established in 1923, the World Energy Council is the leading global representative body of the energy industry with 3,000 member organizations in more than 90 countries, including most of the largest energy producing and energy consuming countries. The organization covers all types of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro and renewables. The Energy Council of Canada is a founding member of the World Energy Council.

The WEC’s 2014 North America Region Energy Forum will take place this June in Calgary. Graham Campbell from Energy Council of Canada, the WEC national committee who’s organizing the event, tells us what’s in store for participants.


Marie-José Nadeau has taken the helm as the first woman chair in the WEC’s 90-year history. She talks about her vision, the 2013 Congress, and the path towards Istanbul 2016.


World Energy Council issues official statement ahead of 22nd World Energy Congress


WEC report highlights the critical issues affecting the global and regional energy sector


Up to date WEC News and Media HERE

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Energy | Reports

Highlights of 2014 Canadian Energy Summit & WEC NORTH AMERICA REGION ENERGY FORUM

Reports from the President

JUNE 2014 - Report from the President

MAY 2014 - Report From the President

APRIL 2014 - Report From the President

2013 Summit Report
The Energy Council of Canada’s Energy Summit held in Toronto, Ontario in late September of 2013 served as part of the Council’s consultation exercise seeking input from stakeholders across the country.  The focus of the Summit was to gain perspectives from the energy industry itself as industry input into the Council of the Federation’s considerations.

April 2014 — Ottawa Regional Member Forum Report
Seizing Opportunities in Global Energy Markets: Diversification, Barriers, Paths Forward: Energy Council of Canada hosts the Ottawa energy community
Over 55 representatives from industry associations, energy companies, federal departments, foundations and local embassies gathered in Ottawa on March 13 and 14 to discuss the experiences, ‘’lessons learned’’, and useful tips arising from global operations of the energy sector. 

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